Principal Sales Representative

Kim started her career as an interior designer, designing for several leading design firms in San Diego and San Francisco. With a passion for working with people and an insatiable desire for finding project solutions, she was drawn to work with her long time colleague and friend, Jane Steel, who under her wing, offered Kim years of intensive training and mentorship. During that time, Jane Steel + Co grew to become one of the leading rep groups in the San Francisco Bay Area. In January of 2017, Kim acquired Jane Steel + Co and renamed the business MōDE.


Kim’s enthusiasm for family, life, and fun is intoxicating. When she is not working hard at running her company, she can be found doing cartwheels and singing karaoke with her boys, or running along her favorite trails in the hills of San Francisco.  |  415.710.2160


San Francisco, North Bay, East Bay & Sacramento Sales Representative

Lindsay brings with her a rich background in interior design and project management. From her experience working with a global facility management team and furniture dealership onsite services, Lindsay understands the day to day demands that keep a working environment aesthetically pleasing and functional. She excels in client relations and thrives in the creative process. She brings her warm smile and passion for detail to every project. 


Originally from New Jersey, she comes from a big family and is Aunt Lindsay to 2 nieces and 3 nephews. Although growing up close to the Jersey shore, she prefers lake life. Hiking, canoeing, campfires, but most of all spending quality time with family and friends. Sit this girl in the sun with a sandwich and a cold beverage and you’ll find a smile on her face every time.  |  610.742.6272



South Bay, Peninsula & San Jose
Sales Representative

Sara is a passionate and dedicated design veteran. She comes to us with years of experience as an interior designer and takes a hands-on approach to ensure client expectations are met from the beginning to the end of a project. ​


Sara is originally from Santa Cruz, CA and is a lover of the outdoors, photography and HGTV. She’s a sucker for good makeover takeovers and is still always amazed when the team pulls it all together in the end, even if it’s with Elmer’s glue and a prayer. When the weekend comes, you will find her spending time with her family, enjoying a nice hike and finding beauty in the world around her. Her humor and overall enthusiasm is a joy to all around her.  |  831.406.7766


Inside Sales & Marketing Specialist  |  408.772.4805

Ryan is a Bay Area native and graduate of the College of Business at San Francisco State University where he concentrated on marketing and sales.  Heading up client services, Ryan devotes the majority of his time transforming ideas and designer specifications into quoted proposals, ready to order.  He coordinates with each manufacturer and manages the complexities of each project to ensure the goods are delivered on-time and exactly as envisioned.  Ryan is greatly successful in this role due in part to his background, focus, and infectious enthusiasm.


In his free time, he likes to refurbish vintage bicycles, guitars, and film cameras; bringing timeless designs back into the modern era.